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Ivymore Living

Ivymore is a boutique homewares collection carefully curated to offer unique and timeless pieces for your home.     

Born out of a love for travel, a reverence for diverse cultures and a deep appreciation for the art of interiors, our passion lies in seeking out pieces that bring a fresh perspective to home classics, inviting a sense of individuality, whilst retaining a refined elegance that transcends fleeting trends.  From reimagined vintage designs to innovative reinterpretations of timeless favourites, our collection breathes new life into familiar kitchen and home accessories. From glassware to kitchenware, ceramics and home decor, we offer something for every home and any occasion.

We look for products that stand the test of time, both in style and quality, and central to this philosophy is our focus on products made from beautiful natural materials.  We celebrate the innate beauty of wood, metal and stone, and always endeavour to choose materials that will age gracefully. 

Most importantly, we believe that a home is more than walls and a roof; it is an intimate reflection of our experiences, values and aspirations, and the objects that we use within our homes create the backdrop for these precious moments that shape our lives.  They are not just items, they are the heartbeats of our home, etching indelible memories into the very fabric of our space.

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